i started this at first to just like and re-blog things i found hilarious but now i am finding i might actually have something to say. most of the time this blog is just ridiculousness, but with a splash of science, religion and politics... oh and kitties!!!




Obviously you can’t read.

“I throw my spear, which I’m not too bad at actually, if I don’t have to throw too far, and see the little girl from District 11 standing back a bit, watching us. She’s the twelve-year-old, the one who reminded me so of Prim in stature. Up close she looks about ten. She had bright, dark eyes and satiny brown skin and stands tilted up on her toes with her arms slightly extended to her sides, as if ready to take wing at the slightest sound. It’s impossible not to think of a bird.

I pick up another spear while Peeta throws. “I think her name’s Rue,” he says softly.” - The Hunger Games, pages 98-99

“The boy from District 11, Thresh, has the same dark skin as Rue, but the resemblance stops there. He’s one of the giants, probably six and a half feet tall and built like an ox…” - The Hunger Games, page 126

Really people? Really?

Humanity continues to disappoint me.

I’m finishing up teaching To Kill a Mockingbird in one of my classes and teaching The Hunger Games in another. As if we need another reminder this week of how racist our society continues to be.

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    Cinna, played by Lenny Kravitz, is only described as having green eyes and close-cropped dark hair. “
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